Women Circles

images women Why we Circle,

The Circle is everyday ceremony: the invention of our most ancient Godmothers, who upon witnessing the myriad ways nature exalted this humble shape, claimed it as the spiritual center of their communities. Held by the simple rituals of opening & completion, honoring & appreciation, the Circle acts as a vehicle for both storytelling & transcending our stories. In Circle, we are conversing with the divine.”

~ Baraka Elihu.

Women have circled before time. Its in our DNA, we need to be witnessed and exulted. Its our sacred time to go deeper with ourselves and others.  We come together on the Saturday closest to the new moon.

This is a VERY informal circle, all women are welcome.  We will have an opening with compassionate witnessing (check in) and then a planned activity and closing.  ****Baby’s under 6 months are welcome but once mobile are not permitted due to the activity’s.

Please call the clinic for more info.


Tarot Card Readings



Whether you are looking for a quick 1 card pull or you need some divine direction in your life, Tarots can be a great tool for self discovery.

Ask how Tarot can guide you at your next appointment.





Divine Energy Healing

astronomy clouds dusk hands
Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

Healing comes in many forms and from many places. Divine Energy is a combination of intuitive and energy healing. I can be as simple as clearing negative energy that you have been storing in your body or it can be a complex message from spirit guides.  If this is something that resonates with you, ask your therapist about incorporating energy healing into your massage.



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