Birth Services (Jaime)


Birth in this modern day can be very confusing and overwhelming. With everything you ever wanted to know and some information that you may not want to know, at your fingertips, it hard to know what dissensions to make. I work as your guide to help you sift through the information and help you determine what is right for your birth.

I have years of experience in labor and birth. I have training from Birthing for Within as well as  2 Certificates in Advanced Holistic Birth Doula training from the Mantrona. I am also a 2200h Registered Massage Therapists (seriously!! dose it get any better ) I know MANY MANY MANY pain management techniques and breathing techniques for labor and delivery.  The feeling you have when you are supported and cared for in labor is indescribable. Knowing that your not alone and that you are loved and cared for every step of the way, makes the birth journey one of the most beautiful experienced of you life.  I not only care for you physically but also emotionally and spiritually. You are bringing a life earth-side. What is more spiritual than that?

I hold a strong belief that birth should be autonomous and your rights as a birthing person should be upheld. I have a passion for physiologic birth. I have seen time and time again that when left alone the body can preform wondrous things. If you are looking for a birth advocate who will stand side by side with you through your birth and beyond, I am the birth attendant for you.

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