Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Cupping, Hot Stone,  Prenatal and Postnatal

60 min – $105.00

90 min – $136.50 

120 min – $168.00


Commonly asked questions and Massage Etiquette

  1. Do I have to undress for the massage? The answer is, you undress to YOUR comfort level. When on the table the therapist will ONLY uncover the part of the body they are working on. You are covered completely at ALL times.
  2. Do I keep my underwear on? Again, this all depends on YOUR comfort level. As therapist we have zero preference as to if you choose or not choose to keep your underwear on.
  3. “Sorry I forgot to shave my legs” NO ONE CARES!!! This is a personal preference to you and whether you shaved your legs is NO concern to us. We are focused on how your tissues are feeling and if we can feel any pathology’s in your tissues that we need to address.
  4. At NO TIME should the client EVER EVER EVER un-drape themselves. If you remove the sheets at anytime by yourself with no warning to the therapist, your massage will be terminated and you will be asked to leave. NO refund will be given. The safety of our therapists and our clients is out #1 priority.






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