Come and join us Every Monday at 7pm at Sacral Health for our Group Meditation Class!
Meditation is a fantastic way to calm yourself down from a hectic day or week. It allows us to re-centre ourselves and focus on our well being. The purpose of meditation is to achieve a state of mind that are conductive to bringing peace and well-being.  Meditation is for EVERYONE, you just need to come down and join us! We are a community, if there is something you need to release we will be there for you!

The Schedule for Meditation is posted on the Sacral Health & Crystal Licking Hippie Facebook Pages! Keep your eyes peeled for what we will be doing that week!
Please note; Meditation is usually unavailable on Holiday weekends, all notices will be posted on the Facebook Event Page!

Meditation Instructor 


Nicole Gibson

I adore crystals and my family! Nothing makes me happier than sitting in meditation and chatting away with my crystal guides. Over the past year I have drastically changed my outlook, things that I consider normal are actually gifts, and gifts are meant to be shared; hence Crystal Licking Hippie. I have begun creating with intention, everything from Mediation oils, to room sprays and my favourite bath salts! Taking care of yourself is key to your own personal wellness in my humble opinion! As a Certified Crystal Healing & Reiki Practitioner, I use the vibration in each crystal to aid the healing process of both our physical, emotional and ethereal bodies.


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Violet Flame Reiki Master/Teacher Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Crystal Healing Practitioner Guided Meditation Practitioner Crystal Fairy Healing Practitioner/Crystal Fairy Card Reader Holistic Healer 2rd Year – Currently enrolled in 3rd Year

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