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Kathy Shuflita  

Yoga Instructor 

Kathy discovered the benefits of Yoga over 15 years ago while searching for relief from chronic back pain. What she found was that yoga is much more than just the physical poses – it provides a sense of wholeness and peace: blending mind, body, and spirit, she believes it has been consistent yoga practice that has helped her through the challenging periods in her life and helps to manage anxiety. Kathy completed her 200-hour training in Beautiful British Columbia in 2011, and ran a successful yoga studio for several years before recently moving with her family to Haysboro in Calgary. Kathy enjoys the challenge of adapting her classes to meet the needs of her students, focusing on helping students improve in the areas of strength, flexibility, and most importantly, reduction of day to day stress, She also has an extensive background in health and wellness , and holds a bachelors degree in nursing. Her hope is that through yoga practice you will be guided into a positive transformation of all parts of your being, because we don’t just practice on the mat, we also take yoga into our lives. It is very important to her to teach her students practical skills that will benefit their everyday lives.

ANYONE can do Yoga!

Classes are every Tuesday evening 6pm-7pm and Wedsnesday morning 9:30am-10:30pm


Vanessa Peters

yoga instructor 


I began my yoga experience without much thought or expectation, I just wanted to try it and see what would happen. 6 years later I am incredibly glad that I did. The benefits I have earned in taking up time and space for my practice through those years, have ranged from improved sleep to increased athletic conditioning. As someone constantly searching for her inner athlete, I found my progress to be 2-dimensional up until I consistently co-opted Asana’s and yoga philosophy into my life, giving me the 3D experience that I never even knew that I was looking for. Many teachers in the many studios I have visited, inspired me to teach the valuable things that I was learning and I thank them to this day for unknowingly giving me the determination to be the change I want to see in the world of Yoga. I am someone that digs deep and enjoys challenges, I ask the hard questions, I enjoy breaking misconceptions and I take pride in helping students witness changes in their body, which will in turn, change their mind for the better. As an Afro-Canadian, seeing diversity in yoga warms my heart and I make it my mission to ensure classes that I have the privilege of teaching, are a beautiful, ambitious and enriching experience. Yoga is not just for the flexible for the trendy or spiritual, yoga is for everyone.

Classes are every Saturday  9am-10am. Wednesday 6pm-7pm.

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